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A great moment starts when the cork is popped and a fine wine is paired with the arts.

Vineyards, grapes, and wine have all inspired great works of paintings, literature and music. Great art is often inspired by "soul" and "passion".

Christàlan is the knight created by Katrina Trask and embodies the relationship between passion, soul, and art. Christàlan, stead-fast and faced forward, has protected the rose garden at Yaddo for 100 years. Katrina created Yaddo, a world renowned artist retreat in Saratoga, NY, to inspire others to pursue their passions. It was this pursuit of the arts that fulfilled Katrina's passion that ultimately inspired the sculpting of the knight on our label.

With Christàlan, we hope to inspire our customers to pursue their own passions and toast them in their quest with the words hope, endure and embrace.

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